Who We Are

Women love clothes and sometimes we restrain ourselves from wearing certain outfits because we don’t like how they fit. This is why we have created Luna by Body Shaping. 

Luna is a beautiful and comfortable shapewear that can be worn every day. It was designed to help you correct your posture, reduce back pain, shape your body, and boost your confidence.

We believe women deserve garments that are comfy, effective, and stylish. Our goal is to help women of all shapes and sizes through high quality shapewear that can be worn with pride. 


Why Wearing Luna by Body Shaping

Luna by Body Shaping will bring you benefits; we know that because it has worked for us. From our own experience, we are certain that wearing everyday shapewear plus balanced eating habits, water intake and exercise 3 days a week provides visibly successful results. Believe it because it worked for me.  Your silhouette will improve beautifully if you use a our Luna Body Shaper.